SpaceX's (hopefully) final unmanned Crew Dragon test takes place this weekend

SpaceX to detonate a Falcon 9 rocket moments after launch

NASA and SpaceX need to demonstrate that the Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon concept functions as designed and has a workable emergency escape system.

Boeing suffered a major setback when its Starliner spacecraft malfunctioned during an orbital test flight in December, and it is unknown when the vehicle will be ready for crewed missions.

According to SpaceX, the test went off without a hitch 13 consecutive times. The brief static fire test is part of the standard prelaunch procedure and is one of the key milestones before the actual liftoff.

The main goal of Crew Dragon spaceships is ferrying astronauts from NASA to the International Space Station, but before that can happen, SpaceX must somehow prove that, in case of an extreme rocket failure that might result in an explosion, the capsule can keep astronauts safe. Approximately 88 seconds after liftoff, the rocket's first stage engines will shut down. Nonetheless, SpaceX no longer handiest expects that the abort sequence will assign off the Falcon 9 to explode within the air, nonetheless is actively hoping that the rocket will blow up. The company has fired up the booster, which is crucial for the unmanned testing of the vital safety system. Most recently, the uncrewed test flight called the Demo-1 was completed successfully.

SpaceX's 19th Dragon resupply charge to the International Space Station ended Tuesday with the capsule's splashdown within the Pacific Ocean southwest of Los Angeles with practically 3,600 kilos of cargo and experiments.

SpaceX is one in every of two corporations with multibillion-dollar contracts to fly NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station on business spacecraft.

SpaceX's GO Searcher restoration ship will likely be available to retrieve the Crew Dragon, however, do not count on to see a superior rocket landing.

NASA has asked the private sector to develop a crew-worthy spacecraft to replace the space shuttle program after its retirement in 2011. Date low, which could come as soon as this spring, will be set after NASA's work through the data from the test flight and cancel other tests carried out by a company based in California.



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