Severe weather likely saturday morning

WINTER STORM ON TRACK to bring ice and near blizzard-like conditions

The rain comes to an end Tonight, but it stays windy with much colder air moving in.

Forecasters will be watching for the potential for supercell storms to develop ahead of the main line, but that threat appeared to lessen some for much of the state.

Severe weather is possible across South Arkansas and North Louisiana into Saturday morning. Some storms could be severe, with damaging winds. She said she heard but couldn't see the rain-wrapped twister in the dark shortly before 8 p.m. Friday. I can't rule out an isolated tornado, but the biggest concern will be for damaging wind gusts.

The storms also unleashed downpours that caused widespread flash flooding.

A lake wind advisory is in effect for the region for south winds 15 to 20 miles per hour expected with higher gusts.

The severe weather event that forecasters have been warning about for almost a week is on Alabama's doorstep as of Saturday morning. If any area looks more likely to have tornadoes coming, it is possibly that area may be changed to the more severe level of moderate risk, which is the second highest level. It will certainly be a possibility thanks to the wind gusts expected outside of the storms. Know your county and where you are located within than county.

The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for MS early on Saturday. That includes having multiple ways of receiving weather alerts (tornado sirens not included!), knowing the room in your home on the lowest floor that has the most walls between you and the outside world, and also picking out a sturdier place to go if you live in a mobile home.

Heavy rains also could cause flooding across the South and part of the Midwest.

Sunday will be dry with some possible light snow Sunday night.



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