NASA welcomes 13 new astronauts under Artemis Program

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Raja Jon Vurputoor Chari, an Indian-American US Air Force colonel, who is among 11 new NASA graduates and will be part of the space agency's future missions, has his roots in Hyderabad. It was noted that exciting opportunities await all members of the Astronaut Office, and that unbelievable accomplishments can be achieved even on one's first flight, referring to Christina Koch's inaugural and now record-breaking mission aboard the International Space Station, which is still underway. As astronauts, they will collaborate with teams now in space to develop spacecraft, and eventually join the list of about 500 people who have been in space.

After they go into space they will exchange their silver pins for gold in a NASA tradition.

Canada's new Space Strategy guarantees flight opportunities in low Earth orbit for our astronauts and sets the stage for a Canadian to visit the Moon for the first time. The communication and expeditionary skills the Canadian Space Agency and NASA have emphasized for us have been hugely helpful in learning how to live and work with other people.

In their day-to-day routines, both Lt. -Col Kutryk and Dr. Sidey-Gibbons will continue to be based in Houston and will maintain their training while supporting current missions and participating in technical developments for the next chapter of human space flight.

This week NASA loaded their first Artemis mission Space Launch System (SLS) Rocket Core Stage onboard the Pegasus barge in New Orleans.

Chari said he was inspired by his father Srinivas Chari, who came to the United States at a young age from Hyderabad, for an engineering degree, with the goal of getting a higher education and making a successful career.

A very engaged audience of friends, family, program colleagues and political representatives came together at NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) this morning, gathering to witness and celebrate the graduation of the 2017 NASA Astronaut Class.

NASA plans to send the first woman and next man to the surface on the Moon by 2024. He has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, as well as master's degrees in space studies, flight test engineering, and defence studies.

The thirteen hard-working men and women, who have each been under training for just over two years, entered the auditorium as Astronaut Candidates (ASCANs), but were soon celebrated and individually recognized as becoming, "our latest astronaut".

Two years after being named a NASA astronaut candidate, a Purdue University alumna is preparing to drop "candidate" from her title. "There was a focus throughout my childhood on education and that being the thing, you really needed to do well to succeed", he said. Subsequently, additional lunar missions are planned once a year and targeted for human exploration of Mars in the mid-2030s. There are five coloured people in the class including the Iran-American fighter pilot Jasmin Moghbeli who flew helicopter combat missions in Afghanistan and is also an MIT graduate.

Dr. Francisco "Forthright" Rubio, a U.S. Armed force lieutenant colonel with a four year college education in worldwide relations and a doctorate of medication.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine says that " They are best if the best, highly qualified and very diverse and they represent all of America".



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