Lawsuit Alleges Jeffrey Epstein Was Trafficking Young Girls In 2018


The Caribbean locale is now seeking the forfeiture of both of the islands, and could disburse Epstein's remaining $500 million in assets to girls and women he abused in the region, The New York Times reported.

Epstein died from an apparent suicide previous year while awaiting charges for reportedly running a child sex trafficking ring, but the U.S. Virgin Islands government sued his estate Wednesday morning claiming he forced girls as young as 12 to have sex at his luxurious residences.

A lawyer for Epstein's estate, which has been seeking to set up a compensation fund to resolve his accusers' claims, didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

He had been charged in Manhattan with sexually exploiting dozens of women and children in NY and Florida.

New York City medical examiner personnel leave their vehicle and walk to the Manhattan Correctional Center where financier Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges.

The charges in the lawsuit, which also targets companies controlled by Epstein, include rape, human trafficking and child abuse.

The lawsuit against the estate expands the scope of the allegations of Epstein's misconduct and accuses him of abusing girls much younger than originally thought.

"Monitoring a sex offender with his own private islands and the resources to fly victims in and out on private planes and helicopters presented unique challenges". He allegedly refused to allow an investigator from the Virgin Island's Department of the Justice to step foot on Little St. James, claiming the private island's boat dock was his "front door".

He arranged to meet the law enforcement officials at his office on the island of St. Thomas, the lawsuit says.

The civil lawsuit says Epstein used the secluded homes to keep the illegal activities under wraps.

The complaint details a 15-year-old girl who attempted to escape by swimming from Little St. James; Epstein and others organized a search party that found her and confiscated her passport.

Late last month, a woman who claims she was just 14 when she had a sexual encounter with Epstein at his mansion in Florida sued for coercion, inflicting emotional distress and battery. Epstein and his associates kept a computerized list of underage girls in or close to the Virgin Islands, the suit says.

Evidence cited in the complaint, including flight logs, allege that the crimes started at least in 2001 and carried on until 2019, a decade after he served time in a Palm Beach jail on charges of procuring a minor for prostitution, in a case involving a secretive plea deal.

"The estate continues to engage in a course of conduct aimed at concealing the criminal activities of the Epstein enterprise", the lawsuit said. This suit marks the first against Epstein's estate by the American territory or any government entity.



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