Kim Kardashian slams Kylie Jenner's makeup as 'cheap' after tutorial fail

Peter Andre's daughter Princess leave her famous dad confused following recent conversation 	        	       The Mysterious Girl singer is a doting dad to four children

Both women have created hugely successful beauty companies, Kylie with Kylie Cosmetics, a stake of which was recently sold to makeup giant Coty, and Kim with KKW Beauty.

Kim Kardashian West jokingly branded Kylie Jenner's makeup range "cheap s**t" after an online tutorial went wrong.

But a quick eye roll aside, Pete did add that he considered makeup mogul Kylie a good influence, elaborating: "But to be fair to the Kardashian/ Jenners, they've done well for themselves and Kylie's a billionaire at 22 so she must be doing something right!"

"How Kim manages being a mom of four and her work life?"

However, the product failed to spritz properly, and as Kylie clicked the nozzle with frustration, she exclaimed: "Why the f**k is this not working?"

All the while, Kylie battled in vain to get her product out of the bottle. As Kim reveals, her sister prefers using brown mascara on the bottom lashes. "But what got to me was the fact she said she liked Kylie because she's pretty and she likes her big lips - I couldn't help but roll my eyes".

The pair joked they should wish on it but Kylie gave the unusual souvenir to one of her assistants. "You should really think about it, '" she said of her decision after he made the joke, including Pharrell Williams, who explained there were "all these meanings" for the word North.

'I just wished I would beat you in Instagram again.

Kylie recommends using the curled part of the wand " as it shapes to your situation" (an interesting way of putting it) and yeah, I can see how it would help avoid the liquid running. "Now my wish won't come true".



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