Jessica Simpson reveals childhood sex assault and trauma

John Mayer and Jessica Simpson in 2007

In an excerpt from her new memoir Open Book, out February 4, the 39-year-old singer, actress and fashion mogul said her problem with alcohol and pills came to a head on Halloween 2017.

Jessica Simpson is well known as a singer, fashion designer, and ditzy reality TV star, but while she's beloved for her sunny disposition, Simpson's real life has been complicated by trauma, abuse, and addiction. Career pressures added to the stress, which led her to tell a doctor she was in trouble. "I was killing myself with all the drinking and pills", she confessed.

"I'm a frightful liar", she said in the interview. I was mad at that bottle. "I erased his number".

She writes about going to therapy and allowing herself to talk about her childhood traumas.

The abuse at the hands of a family friend's daughter started at age 6, she writes, and though her parents believed her when she told them about it years later, it was never discussed again. "It would start with tickling my back and then go into things that were extremely uncomfortable".

Later in the day, she "zoned out" while her team dressed her up as Willie Nelson, Simpson writes. "More importantly, there's no better gift I can give myself".

She did eventually tell her parents when she was 12 years old, and was protected from the situation. Her mother slapped her father's arm and yelled, "I told you something was happening", Simpson reveals.

"Dad kept his eye on the road and said nothing", Simpson writes in the book. She and her husband, Eric Johnson, were taking their daughter Maxwell to her school for an early morning event - and Simpson had already been drinking. "For six years, I was abused by this girl during our family's visits", she explained.

In late 2017, the singer, 39, said she was "pretty [close to] rock-bottom" and made the decision to seek treatment to get sober.

"Something's got to stop", she continued. "And if it's alcohol that's doing this and making things worse, then I quit". Simpson says she's been sober since November 2017 and with the help of therapy and the support of her family and friends.

Lachey moved on as well, marrying Vanessa Minnillo in July 2011, and the couple has three children of their own. I found direction and that was to walk straight ahead with no fear.



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