James Bond producer reveals gender of next 007

Daniel Craig will always be James Bond in the eyes of fans around the world

For those who have been paying attention to the last decade's worth of Bond theme songs, they've done exceptionally well during awards season.

Mrs Broccoli has however drawn the line at the Martini aficionado being a woman, saying that although MI5 operative can be "any colour", he nevertheless "is male".

Don't expect James Bond to be played by a woman anytime soon.

International Teen of Mystery, Billie Eilish, is officially performing the theme song for the new James Bond film, No Time To Die, due to hit theaters in April.

That speculation was strengthened after fans learned actress Lashana Lynch - known for her role as fighter pilot Maria Rambeau in "Captain Marvel" - would appear in the new Bond film.

Broccoli said she believed in creating strong female characters, but added: "I'm not particularly interested in taking a male character and having a woman play it".

Broccoli oversees the franchise with her half-brother Michael G Wilson. "We take that responsibility seriously". The answer is no, as it turns out, at least not while Barbara Broccoli is in charge. The closest we got was the original Casino Royale, which was more of a Bond spoof than anything else.

"We got too fantastical", says Wilson, referring to the film. Frankly I'd like to see a movie featuring a younger version of Judie Dench's M, so you can revisit the era of the older Bond movies.

The film's plot involved a giant space laser and an invisible vehicle.

Craig continued: "It's not in her wheelhouse".



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