Is Jess Phillips about to drop out of the Labour leadership race?

Rebecca Long Bailey said she disagreed with many teachings of the Catholic Church

The GMB will reveal who it is supporting later, having heard from Sir Keir, Lisa Nandy, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Emily Thornberry at a two-hour hustings in central London.

Lisa Nandy's campaign to become the next Labour leader has received a significant boost after the UK's third biggest union endorsed her nomination.

The GMB also also nominated Angela Rayner to be Labour's deputy leader, with Mr Roache saying: "With Lisa and Angela at the helm, Labour can do things differently". She already has the support of the National Union of Mineworkers and will have to seek a further endorsement by a socialist society.

Labour leadership front-runner Sir Keir Starmer cemented his place on the ballot paper today as he picked up the backing of another trade union for his bid to replace Jeremy Corbyn.

General secretary of the Aslef trade union, Mick Whelan, told Sky News his organisation representatives would be meeting with the Labour Party leadership contenders over the coming days before deciding which candidate to support.

To make it to the final stage, the candidates have to secure nominations from 5% of constituency Labour parties (CLPs), or three affiliate groups - two of which must be trade unions - representing at least 5% of affiliated members. This must be achieved before 14 February.

The ballot of members and registered supporters opens the following week on February 21, closing at noon on Thursday April 2. To be eligible to vote you must have been a Labour member on 20 January, or have applied to have become a £25 registered support by 16 January.

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She had yet to receive any nominations from trade unions, affiliate bodies or local parties.

To get through to the vote of party members, the five candidates must win the nominations of five per cent of the nearly 300 constituency Labour parties (CLPs) OR three Labour affiliates.

Ambitious former director of public prosecutions has led the charge for remain in the shadow cabinet.

But in statement this afternoon Mr Lillis said: 'Usdaw believes that Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner are the right leadership team to unite and rebuild Labour after a devastating election loss.

She missed a hustings earlier on Tuesday organised by the GMB union, at which the other four candidates pitched for the union's endorsement.

The backbencher, who is among five hopefuls in the second round of the leadership contest, said: "There's no plan to have some sort of campaign to rejoin the European Union.' But she said every prime minister should always consider 'the merits of every single alliance that our country could have for our safety, security, peace and economic viability, with a reasoned head on".

"Lisa won't shy away from the tough challenges or bold decisions that lie ahead, because she knows that after fifteen years of losing elections, more of the same won't cut it".



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