Instagram takes on TikTok with these new features

Instagram adds Boomerang effects as Tik Tok looms		
	Josh Constine

		1 day

Instagram's Boomerang Stories feature now has three new options that users will enjoy, TechCrunch reported.

Instagram recently launched new "Layout" feature that will allow users to include multiple photos in a single story.

Users will also be able to use a new trimming feature for Boomerangs.

Your Instagram camera allows you to easily express yourself and share what you do, think or feel with your friends.

For certain, now now not regarded as one of many unique results are innovative, but they are able to flip many Boomerangs into one thing surely droll if feeble creatively.

With SlowMo, as the name suggests, Boomerang videos are slowed down to half their original speed.

Users can now trim the duration of their video loops and access new effects in the "Boomerang" tab in Stories.

The new effects are available in the new version of the Instagram apps for both iOS and Android. Users will also be facilitated to adjust the length of the video. "Creates a double vision effect". "Boomerang is among the most treasured camera formats and we are eager to enlarge the creative ways you may utilize Boomerang to turn everyday moments into something entertaining and surprising".

To use these new effects while capturing Boomerang Stories, you just have to open the Story camera and choose the Boomerang option. There are some new effects also which are launched.

Boomerang has new creative twists that'll make you say yaaassssss.

Echo - Adds a motion blur effect therefore a translucent route looks behind anything going, nearly like you are tripping or drunk.

The new impacts come as an over-the-air (OTA) upgrade.

Duo: This effect speeds up and slows down the Boomerang at the same time, adding a textured effect. Afterward, tap the infinity simple that appears at the top of the screen.



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