Huge PS5 leak could be true following PlayStation update

PS5 controller

The name of Sony's next-gen controller for PlayStation 5 may have just leaked, and what's more, it might be compatible with the existing PlayStation 4 consoles.

A newly spotted patent for what could be the PlayStation 5 controller mentions the presence of a microphone on board the peripheral, and goes on to say that "while the user is inputting voice from the microphone, the sound of the speaker is suppressed, and tactile presentation control by the tactile presentation device is performed".

In fact, the idea that the PS5 is incoming very, very soon is something that just can't be shaken right now, with even famous God Of War designer David Jaffe coming out mere days ago to state that the "PS5 reveal is less than 4 weeks away".

One of the view things that we do know about the PlayStation 5, is that it should be widely available before 2020 is out. It appears that for a short time, on a page that explained the differences between the PS4 and PS4 Pro, the PlayStation France website included the DualShock 5 on its list of compatible controllers. As pointed out by PushSquare, The PlayStation Europe Twitter account recently updated its bio with the slogan "It's Time to Play", which could hint at it being the next official slogan for the new console and the brand overall. The slogans "For the Players" and "Best Place to Play" have now been replaced with "it's time to play".

The leaker simply said "Buzz words for the console's features include "little to no load times", "blazing fast downloads", "immersive controls", "modular installs for games, download whatever", "disc drive included", and "download the games, or stream the games as an option" (we're looking at you Stadia)".

Sony is also giving PlayStation owners a dynamic theme and one of the seven avatars that reflects your gaming personality.



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