French Tennis Player Blasted for Asking Ball Girl to Peel His Banana

Australian Open Tennis Player Asks Ballkid To Peel Banana Umpire Tells Him Off. Watch Video

The Australian Open qualifier branded "disgusting" for asking a ball-girl to peel his banana was told by the umpire: "She's not your slave". Stefanovic said on the Today Show.

World # 229 benchetrit handed the banana to the ball girl before referee John Blom entered and dismissed him. But the second time the chair referee intervened and told me that the girl with the ball was not my slave and that I had to peel the banana myself.

"So this is the moment where Elliot Benchetrit asks the ballkid to peel his banana", Theodoridis wrote.

I could not believe that the referee said that and I think it's unbelievable how this situation got out of control on social media without people knowing what really happened in court. "I think it's bad".

Sydney Morning Herald columnist Jessica Irvine agreed, suggesting ballkids should not be given "outrageous" tasks.

"If she did it, she should get a pay rise". This is not the point at having ball girls and ball boys, their job is to get the ball.

I just feel like if you can hold a racket for three sets you can probably peel your own banana. Take it away, into the kitchen, I'd love a smoothie. Get it out, a little honey.

While he admitted the banana, instead of peel it Benchetrit taught the ball woman to do it for him. "I mean, c'mon that's not my fault", Vandeweghe said during an argument with the chair umpire at Melbourne Park two years ago.

"I have needs and it is not my fault that this dish is poorly prepared".

While the 21-year-old went on to win that qualification match, the banana peel effect may have only kicked in once he made the main draw as he was promptly defeated in straight sets 6-2 6-0 6-3 by Japan's Yuichi Sugita.

The Australian Open did not immediately reply to Business Insider's request for comment.



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