China plans to ban single-use plastics

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Postal delivery outlets are also targeted in the new guidelines with a ban on non-degradable plastic packaging and disposable plastic woven bags by the end of 2022.

By 2025, China aims to reduce the use of non-degradable single-use plasticware by 30 percent by taking actions such as outright banning items like plastic straws, according to SHINE.

Markets selling fresh produce have until 2025 to phase out single use plastic bags.

In 2010 alone, China produced 60 million tonnes of plastic waste - followed by the United States at 38 million tonnes - according to online publication Our World in Data based at the University of Oxford. But national figures for recycling are not available, reports the BBC.

China will curtail its consumption of single-use plastic in an effort to tackle a soaring amount of the discarded material that has quickly become one of the world's most pressing environmental crises.

Hotels have been told that they must not offer free single-use plastic items by 2025.

Malaysia has sent back 150 shipping containers of illegally imported plastic waste back to their countries of origin.

China has taken steps to address the deluge of plastic, including introducing a mandatory recycling system that's being piloted in cities such as Shanghai.

According to the UN Environment Programme, around 300 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced every year globally and a majority of this plastic is dumped into the environment. Thailand and New Zealand have both placed restrictions on or banned single-use plastic bags. However, he added that encouraging individuals to use biodegradable plastic, rather than reducing plastic use, would only hurt the environment in the long run.

The document also calls for firms in sectors such as e-commerce and food delivery to cultivate new business models and work with their merchants to reduce waste and disposable plastics.

The Indonesian island of Bali has also banned single-use plastic.



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