Woman found after being missing nearly two weeks

Tamra McBeath-Riley has been found while friends Phu Tran and Claire Hockridge haven't been seen since November 19 in Alice Springs

Police say a woman who became stranded in the arid central Australian Outback with two friends nearly two weeks ago has been rescued.

McBeath-Riley found water about 1.5 kilometers (1 mile) north of the vehicle.

Claire Hockridge, 46, Tamra McBeath-Riley, 52, and Phu Tran, 40, had been missing since 19 November when they told family and friends they were going for a drive outside of Alice Springs.

She said: "The information I had was they had very limited food, they had a packet of biscuits and a packet of noodles between them and that obviously didn't last them very long".

The group walked about 1.5km west, where they found puddles of ground water from unseasonal showers that had fallen over the dry river system in the past fortnight. She was airlifted to a roadhouse about 55 miles from Alice Springs, the place paramedics discovered her breaking her quick with beer, cola and french fries, mentioned Andrew Everingham, the regional supervisor for St. John Ambulance. They planned to avoid the desert heat, which came close to 40 degrees Celsius in recent days, by walking at night and carrying up to 7 litres of water.

Ms McBeath-Riley made a decision to stay there with her Staffordshire terrier, for fear the dog would not survive a longer trek.

"When the helicopter found me, I thought that Claire and Phu had reached the highway".

Ms McBeath-Riley was taken to hospital and treated for dehydration and exposure. That was my immediate thought. Unusual tire tracks spotted by a cattle station worker, as well as a note left inside the vehicle, provided a breakthrough for searchers.

Rescuers are continuing to look for her two friends, but Police Superintendent Pauline Vicary said only one set of footprints has been found so far. "It's quite a diverse terrain - there's sandy dunes, there's hard clay, there's areas of dense trees but there is also rocks and ranges in the area as well". "So to find that's not the case is worrying", Ms McBeath-Riley told reporters.



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