TikTok banned by US Navy, citing security concerns

TikTok Banned From US Navy Mobile Phones

The US Navy has just banned all of its personnel from using the app TikTok on any government-issued mobile device.

Sorry U.S. Navy officers that have been enjoying the short-form mobile video app TikTok. A bulletin to Navy staff described that app as a "cybersecurity threat" and asked that troops take action to "safeguard their personal information".

According to a report by Reuters last month, the usa government opened a national security review of the parent company Beijing ByteDance Technology Co's 1 billion acquisition of the us social media app Musical.ly. The Chinese app popular with American teens was purchased in 2017 for a reported $1 billion with the hopes of growing TikTok's user-base internationally. Recently, Congress led by Missouri Senator Josh Hawley demanded a national security review of TikTok and its parent company backed by Sequoia, ByteDance, along with other technology companies that can share data with foreign governments such as China. While specific details have not been provided, the app has been labeled as a "cybersecurity threat" and users who do not comply will have their devices blocked from the Intranet. Chinese companies like ByteDance are increasingly being targeted and stricken out of the USA market, while American companies have long struggled to get a foothold in the Middle Kingdom. Anyone not complying with the ban will not be able to access the Navy Marine Corps Intranet.

Pentagon Spokesman Lieutenant Uriah Orland said that this move is part of their effort to "address existing and emerging threats". We're guessing the continued suspicion over Chinese-owned apps and devices will not abate soon.



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