There may be four 5G iPhone 12 smartphones next year

Analyst: Apple to Release Four iPhones in Fall 2020 With 5G Connectivity and OLED Displays

Irrespective of the number of iPhones to be released, the entire 5G iPhone line-up will have OLED displays.

The Apple leaks are aplenty and with the 2020 iPhone 12, the Cupertino-based smartphone giant is expected to launch a device with a completely refreshed design complete with 5G capabilities.

If it have been one of many 4 September fashions rumored right here then it might presumably be the one with the 5.4-inch display (because it's anticipated to be a comparatively compact handset), however that's a display measurement which elsewhere has been attached to the iPhone 12 Pro. Two will come in 6.1-inch sizes, while the other two will be 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch models.

Typically talking, Apple at the moment exclusively launches new iPhone fashions yearly, with the brand new handsets touchdown in September.

That after all continues to be over a 12 months away, if it occurs in any respect, however Chatterjee additionally makes some claims about 2020's iPhone 12 vary. He also notes that the high-end versions of the forthcoming iPhones will include "world-facing" 3D sensors created to facilitate augmented reality features.

It is expected that the higher end iPhones might offer support for the fastest 5G technology, mmWave and the two lower-end iPhones may be restricted to the sub-6GHz spectrum, though not speedy but having a wider range.

Big changes could be coming to the way Apple launches iPhone, starting in 2021. "Based on our supply chain checks, we are expecting a strategic change in the launch cadence with the release of two new ‌iPhone‌ models in 1H21 followed by another two in 2H21, which will serve to smooth seasonality around the launch", he wrote.

Apple has been launching new iPhones in the fall since 2011, and the note from Chatterjee provides little additional information on the potential split if Apple does pursue a new launch timeline.

This sounds interesting and not something we have heard before, but it is possible that Apple has chose to launch four different iPhone 12 handsets in the fall of 2020 as these will be the companies first 5G smartphones.



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