Starbucks Employee Writes 'Pig' on Cop's Coffee Cup

Oklahoma officer given a Starbucks order with the word ‘PIG’ written on the label police chief says

O'mara immediately contacted the Starbucks in Glenpool, Oklahoma to complain and in return, the store was asked to remove the label with a correct one.

Starbucks has also launched an internal investigation and the employee has been suspended pending its outcome.

When the order was ready, a barista had written "PIG" where the name of the customer usually is located on the cup.

O & # 39; Mara wrote: "This cup of coffee for a & # 39; pig & # 39; is just another little flag".

A senior law enforcement officer from Oklahoma was outraged after receiving a hot beverage with the word "pig" printed on it on November 28. "It's another tiny symptom and a almost indiscernible shout from a contemptuous, roaring and riotous segment of a misanthropic society that vilifies those who stand for what's right and glorifies the very people who would usher in the destruction of the social fabric".

O'Mara said that they offered to reprint the computer-generated labels, but he took to social media and posted the photograph, which has since gone viral. "Especially knowing that these cups were going to dispatchers".

Starbucks Spokesman Jory Mendes apologized on behalf of the store and agreed the incident was "absolutely unacceptable".

The worker involved has been fired, according to Starbucks, with a company spokeperson saying in a statement Friday that the worker "who wrote this offensive word on a cup used poor judgment and is no longer a partner after this violation of company policy".

"What bothers me is the lack of absolute and total respect for a police officer who, instead of being at home with the family and enjoying a meal and a football game, is patrolling his small town", he wrote O & # 39; Mara in her Facebook post. These people are there waiting for 911 calls to come in.

In a separate joint statement, Starbucks and the Kiefer Police Department stated they are committed to using the incident as an opportunity to promote greater civility. He said it is not representative of the deep appreciation they have of their officers who work to keep the communities safe.



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