Singer Sia pays for shoppers groceries

Sia takes off her wig to buy groceries for strangers at Walmart

Sia, whose real name is Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, could be seen walking from register to register, paying for people's purchases with her credit card. Video shows her talking with a toddler sitting in a shopping cart.

The strategy may have worked, after all: Witnesses told KESQ in Palm Springs that most shoppers didn't recognize Sia without her signature getup.

Other fans tried to make the connection to a $1 million donation that was reportedly made to an advocacy group centered on tackling Ehlers-Danlos syndrome - a neurological disease that Sia, along with Lena Dunham and actress Jameela Jamil, share in common and have been outspoken about supporting.

"So, @Sia paid for my groceries today, thank you so much!" Buckles tweeted. "The heart and lovely soul you have for paying for everyone!" She even posed for a photo with a fan that actually did notice her. even telling Walmart employees she won the lottery, but a fan identified her and the "Chandelier" singer posed for a photo. I'm sorry for telling everyone once I realised who you were! "But this kindness must be acknowledged!" wrote the grateful fan.

Adri Buckles captured the act of kindness on camera and shared it to social media.

People on social media later reported interacting with the mystery woman who turned out to be nine-time Grammy-nominated singer, Sia. That's wonderful! I legit been listening to her the past 3 days! "She didn't want people to know who she was, or why she was doing it", one person tweeted.

Sia told everyone in Wal-Mart her name was Cici and she won the lottery.



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