Putin says Russian Federation must compete under own flag at sports events

Turkish Russian leaders to discuss Libya

"With good preparation and a thorough public discussion, we could do all this, albeit very carefully", said Putin.

At a major press conference in Moscow, Vladimir Putin suggested removing the word "consecutive" from Russia's constitutional limit on two consecutive presidential terms.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that President Donald Trump's impeachment is far-fetched.

He likened Trump's impeachment to the earlier USA probe into collusion with Russian Federation, which Putin downplayed as being groundless.

"And it is hardly likely that they are going to push out of office a representative of their own party, on grounds that are absolutely made-up", he added. Then it turned out there wasn't a conspiracy and that it couldn't be the basis for impeachment.

The House of Representatives voted nearly exactly along party lines Wednesday to impeach Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Trump was the third president in United States history to be impeached, and he now faces a trial in the Senate that is expected to start next month.

"But thus far there has been no answer to any of our suggestions".

In a break from tradition, Putin launched straight into a Q&A with journalists instead of delivering his usual opening remarks about the Russian economy.

He argued that law enforcement agencies in Russian Federation and Europe need to cooperate more closely to fend off terror threats.

Putin emphasized that Russian Federation has abided by the Paris agreement meant to slow down global warming.

"The Soviet Union was always buying grain, we were one of the largest buyers of grain, wheat". Putin is now serving his second consecutive (fourth non-consecutive) term in office. Open Media said it was unable to find the Kremlin's tender offers for the domestic operating system in the Russian government's procurement database.



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