Oculus Rift S discounted to $349 for Black Friday

Oculus shows how not to do a Black Friday sale

However, if you know which VR headset youre looking for but havent made a purchase yet, then check out the Black Friday 2019 VR headset deals weve found below.

If you have been putting off purchasing a virtual reality headset for quite some time, this is the flawless time to lay your hands on one with the Black Friday deals. Currently, it looks like they are choosing to discount only the Rift-S, which is a wired system. You can see the full list of deals below. If you buy one between now and January 1, youll get all three episodes of Vader Immortal with purchase, which is a $29.97 value. It requires a VR ready computer to operate. There's no discount, but you save $30 getting the Star Wars VR series for free.

Virtual reality has exploded in popularity and matured a lot as a technology. The experience is nothing like what you'd get with the high-end VR headsets such as Valve Index, Oculus Rift or Quest. You can now get the headset for £349 from Currys PC World.

The Oculus Go is a completely portable headset that's better used for movies, shows, and other media than gaming.

What's the story behind the term "Black Friday"?

If youd rather get an all-in-one headset that doesnt need to be plugged into anything but can still play plenty of games and entertainment, check out the Oculus Quest (and read Polygons Oculus Quest review for the details). The cool thing about the Portal is that the Smart Camera automatically follows your position by panning and zooming to get you in the frame. For Black Friday, the Portal will be $130 until December 2.

HTCs Vive Wireless Adapter, which turns Vive headsets into tetherless devices, will also drop $50 for the holiday weekend. It also gives you the ability to watch and listen to streaming services like Prime Video, CBS Access, and Spotify. Sure, it's not as powerful as some other goggles that have also been cut in price, but it's definitely the most affordable.



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