MLB The Show Will Be On Non-PlayStation Consoles by 2021

In a press release announcing a multi-year extension with Major League Baseball and Sony, it was announced the game would be going multi-platform as soon as 2021.

The MLB tonight announced that they would be extending their contract with Sony to continue developing new games with the MLB license. This also included a promise that the series will appear on "additional console platforms beyond PlayStation platforms from 2021". More details are expected at a later date, but right now, two of those non-PlayStation platforms are already excited about the announcement.

No specific date was announced when we see the series on new platforms, but the Major League Baseball ad (click on the source link below) says that this could happen "as early as 2021".

MLB The Show is developed in house at Sony by San Diego Studio, so it's interesting to see them open to bringing games to other platforms.

The Show will no longer be a PlayStation exclusive by 2021. While other multiplatform baseball simulation series have been on the road in later years, more recently MLB 2K13 from 2K Sports, Sony's exclusive PlayStation version of the American pastime has persisted as an annual release.

Tell us below if you would like to play this series on the Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft has been open to allowing its games on other platforms and it looks like Sony is starting to come around to the idea with this recent news. Baseball Series with R.B.I.

MLB The Show 2020 is going to be a major milestone for the game franchise with Chicago Cubs' Javier Báez on the cover.



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