Martin Scorsese on why series format wasn’t ideal for The Irishman

Al Pacino in The Irishman

Veteran filmmaker Martin Scorsese does not believe that his latest directorial "The Irishman" could have been told in a series format.

The crime drama - starring Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci - is the legendary director's most expensive film to date, but also his longest, with a running time of almost three-and-a-half hours.

"You could say, "This is a long story, you can play it out over two seasons" - I saw somebody mention that", the director says. Sheeran becomes Hoffa's bodyguard and close friend, with even Frank's stoic daughter Peggy (Lucy Gallina as a child, Anna Paquin as an adult), who loathes her father's mob business, charmed by the union leader. Scorsese has said several times that he's waited for the capabilities of visual effects to catch up to his ambitions for this project, and it's bittersweet to think that without the MCU, they may never have gotten there.

To accommodate this modern dilemma, Twitter user Alexander Dunefors created a viewing schedule for "The Irishman" that breaks the film up into palatable chunks, or ~seasons~, which makes the movie feel like a four-part miniseries.

"Because the point of this picture is the accumulation of detail", Scorsese told Entertainment Weekly. A series is great, it's wonderful, you can develop character and plot lines and worlds are recreated.

The film, which went live Wednesday on Netflix after a short theatrical run, also stars Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. But the movie is so much about the focus on a life and a person's evolution and, because of what they've been through, their development of certain hopes, fears, and more. Have you see The Irishman but still have questions?

Long-awaited Martin Scorsese epic The Irishman has made its debut on Netflix, just in time for the busy Thanksgiving weekend.



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