Man roasts pork in car during Oz heatwave

Sydney Australia. High temperatures continued in Sydney today as much of Australia experienced heatwave conditions

A man has actually effectively prepared a chicken roast in a auto or truck on a scorching hot day in Australia.

Stu Pengelly from Perth left about 3 kg of pork in his old orange Datsun Sunny vehicle for about 10 hours on Friday - when the outside temperature rose to a scorching 30 degrees Celsius, he said on Facebook.

Last Friday in 39C heat (a relatively cool day for a Perth summer) Pengelly put the meat inside his auto for 10 hours, monitoring the temperatures inside and outside the vehicle.

"My warning is conclude no longer leave any individual or anything precious to you in a hot automobile, no longer for a minute & will gain to you conclude explore kids or dogs in a hot automobile, DO NOT HESITATE TO SMASH A WINDOW to acquire them out ASAP", he insisted within the submit.

He included photos of the finished product, showing the roast pork sliced and successfully cooked throughout.

And apparently, according to Stu, the auto could've reached even higher temperatures if it wasn't for the big rust hole in the roof. "If you see children or dogs in a hot vehicle, don't hesitate to smash a window to get them out as soon as possible." insisted on the post. "Please keep a watch out".

He posted the results of his "science experiment" to his Facebook page and said it 'worked a treat!'

Speaking to Reuters, he said he wanted to try out a roast beef next to see if it would cook as perfectly as the pork.

He thought that the temperature could be much greater, particularly in newer models or cars that are painted black. Today while I have been home I have been monitoring the temperature by the hour.

"Little bit of Texas spice, salt and pepper", he said in a video shared by ABC Enormous Southern.



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