Man killed by booby trap he set up in his own home

65-Year-Old US Man Fatally Shot By Booby Trap He Set Up In His Own Home

A 65-year-old American man who secured his home with a handmade device to keep out invaders has been killed by the device.


A 65-year-old American man died after he triggered a homemade security device created to keep out intruders at his home in ME on Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday, Reundi Juarez of Pilot Point, Texas, was arrest after an improvised explosive he was using in an attempt to booby trap his home went off. Police also found an explosive device in his vehicle and a setup on his front door meant to hurt intruders.

Several other booby traps were found at Cyr's residence causing investigators to contact the Maine State Police Bomb Squad.

After an hours-long investigation, authorities determined Cyr - who later succumbed to his injuries - was hit after an "unintentional discharge of one of his homemade devices", the department said.

There have been other cases of booby-trapped houses in the US.

In September final yr, a person in IL was killed when he opened a neighbour's shed that had been rigged to fireside a shotgun.

It's not unusual for home-owners to put in such traps - however it's unlawful. William Wasmund, 48, was found guilty this September of first-degree murder and aggravated battery.

Mostly recently, a man in southern IL was convicted past year of first-degree murder after a booby-trapped shotgun he had rigged killed a man on his rural property.

The definition of a booby trap is a secreted or camouflaged device that can produce bodily harm when triggered.

Even when the entice targets a prison, the trap-setter, although having the precise to guard their dwelling, has no proper to find out the punishment.



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