Joe Biden's New Slogan Causes a Fuss

Joe Biden's New Slogan Causes a Fuss

Obama and his advisers reportedly said the former vice president lacks an intimate bond and "really doesn't have it" with the electorate, especially in Iowa.

"He may have said that".

Yes, I am aware of the irony that the majority of political campaigns are predicated on trying to perform both "authentic" and "sincere" at all times while also staying true to their campaign platforms, the strained and performative result of which is, of course, that they achieve neither. "I was the one that was sent into Pennsylvania, I was the one that was sent into Colorado, I was the one that was sent into Virginia, I was the one who was sent into Florida".

On his prospects in Iowa and beyond, Biden said that if he won the first caucus state, it would be "awful hard to stop me from winning the nomination". "Oh, great, she had a showing in Chicago", Biden said, according to Politico. "By the way, that's a wonderful thing".

Reuters adds: "A spokesman for Buttigieg's campaign declined to comment but pointed to statements by Buttigieg about "Medicare for all who want it" that pre-date Biden's current presidential campaign".

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he didn't need Barack Obama's endorsement in the Democratic primary, Politico reported.

Biden contended that if he had supported a different plan "and then I came along with the exact same plan, what would you have done to me? Tell me. Tell me where the polling has manifested itself", he said. Biden acknowledged before saying that it's not fair to judge this campaign by his involvement in previous ones. "No, he doesn't have the enthusiasm and the moderate - moderate plan". "If they were replicating what we did in '07, there would already be a Harris or Buttigieg barber shop and hair salon program in place on the grass-roots level that went under and around the black establishment in the state". A couple of recent polls show Biden as low as fourth in Iowa, setting up the potential for a demoralizing start to 2020 for the current national frontrunner.



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