Jay-Z returns to Spotify with entire discography

Jay-Z Turns 50 With a Return to Spotify

JAY-Z marked his 50th birthday with a very special gift for his fans.

Hove toasts the milestone today - December 4th - after a lifetime of phenomenal success.

Jay-Z is the owner of Spotify's competitor Tidal music streaming service, and there has been no official announcement as to why his music is back on Spotify.

It's unclear what has changed since 2017 to make way for Carter's return to Spotify, but it likely has something to do with Tidal's inability to draw users away from Spotify and Apple Music.

It also raises questions about the health of Tidal, which Jay-Z bought for US$56 million in 2014. That starts with his first album, 1996's classic "Reasonable Doubt", and goes all the way through 2017's "4:44".

"Ya have no idea how stressful and annoying it was to have Spotify and not be able to listen to Jay Z on there", wrote one user, while another added: "Power move". Hard Knock Life, The Blueprint 3, Watch the Throne, The Black Album, and more.

In honor of the rapper's 50th birthday (Dec. 4), the billionaire MC has made a decision to restore his albums back to Spotify's library. Like seriously, if you've never listened to Jay-Z's most recent album, you now have absolutely no excuse.



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