Group of French Lawmakers Wants to Ban Black Friday Sales

Protesters block the Italie Deux shopping mall in Paris during a demonstration called by the Extinction Rebellion activist group on Oct. 5

But many retailers across France nonetheless reported brisk Black Friday business.

Globalised commerce has introduced USA shopper tastes to buyers all over the world, from Halloween sweet to breakfast cereal and peanut butter, generally even supplanting native traditions. Some French officials need to boycott Black Friday, which has transformed into a worldwide marvel despite the fact that it originates from an explicitly USA occasion: Thanksgiving Thursday. Black Friday shopping frenzy that has spread to European shores.

That echoes related warnings in different nations.

Within the Czech Republic, one electronics chain encourages buyers - in English, after all - to "Make Black Friday Nice Once more", in an advert that includes a suited man carrying the distinctive purple cap utilized by US President Donald Trump's election marketing campaign. Russia's consumer watchdog published detailed tips on how to avoid getting fooled, like checking whether prices were raised before Friday to make deals look good or whether delivery costs are inflated. Be that as it may, more showings are normal as Black Friday looms into see.

Whereas the phenomenon is much less widespread in Asia, some main corporations like Japan Airways use it as a slogan.

"Like no other day, this Friday shows how broken the world we have built is", it said.

In Italy, for example, Black Friday falls outside the season's strictly defined schedule for when the winter shop sales can be held. The fashion industry has warned that can hurt smaller retailers in a country that relies heavily on them.

A French authoritative advisory group spent a correction Monday that proposes precluding Black Friday since it causes "asset waste" and "overconsumption".

Activists across France have staged Black Friday protests against Amazon, decrying consumerism and its impact on the environment. France's e-commerce union, whose members are aggressively advertising Black Friday gross sales all through November, has condemned the measure.

Some held banners reading "Amazon: for the climate, for employment, stop expanding, stop over-production", while others used old electrical goods to block the path of trucks trying to enter the site.

Dozens of anti-capitalist/environmental campaigners protested outside the headquarters in Clichy, northwest of Paris, and temporarily blocked two logistics depots in Northern France and Lyon, before being dislodged by the police.



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