Greta Thunberg: Sustainable living should be easier

Ever since she came out in public Greta Thunberg has been subjected to harrasment and bullying by climate change lobbyists

One person said this to the teen: "I have never in my entire life seen or heard a young lady of your age so mature, so well-grounded, such an incredible leader ( thank dear God this whole world has you to lead us all!), your so extremely articulate, passionate for your/our imperative, urgent cause for life & saving our world & planet!"

Since staging a solitary protest outside the Swedish parliament more than a year ago, Thunberg has channelled the anger felt by millions of teenagers saddled with the prospect of an escalating climate crisis their parents failed to avert.

Thunberg, has become the face of young peoples' demands for climate action and made a point of making the journey back from September's NY climate summit by sea rather than fuel-guzzling plane.

Thunberg was due to spend the rest of Tuesday meeting activists in Portugal before departing for Madrid, where the negotiations are being held in a series of hangar-like halls.

Chile's Environment Minister Carolina Schmidt, saluted Thunberg's role speaking out about the threat of climate change. Governments face pressure to increase action to cut emissions before the Paris Agreement comes into force next year.

Increasingly erratic weather patterns, from wildfires in Australia and California to floods in Europe, have added to the sense of urgency around the two-week summit in Spain.

Her arrival in Lisbon coincides with the release of a bleak report by the Geneva-based World Meteorological Organization, which warns that the past decade is nearly certain to be the hottest yet recorded.

This year was hotter than average in most parts of the world, including the Arctic.

She will join a climate march there on Friday.

Ms Henderson tweeted: 'I made a decision to help @Sailing_LaVaga and support Greta because she is changing the world - simply by standing up for what she believes is right and staying true to her values.

"We will not stop", she said, referring to herself and other climate activists who have been instrumental in organizing protests around the world to draw attention to the climate emergency.

"We are hoping it will all be completed here in Madrid".

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