Google adds new private messaging feature in Google Photos

Google adds new private messaging feature in Google Photos

This just adds a subtle usability tweak to the app and encourages users to share photos with close family and friends more often. Now, Google has revamped this "share" option in Google Photos.

Google Photos is getting a built-in chat functionality where users can share pictures from their library with others.

Is this a good idea as another Google messaging service? Then choose the contact to share the content with and you're done. You can share one-off photos and videos in an ongoing, private conversation in the app that can be accessed whenever you want. It is limiting to some extent, sure. Members in a conversation can like photos or comment within the conversation, and they can also save photos or videos directly to their own gallery.

It's worth noting that Google Photos doesn't isn't trying to become an "all-in-one" app (like Instagram does).

Google has a habit of killing chat apps including Google Talk and YouTube Chat (yes, that existed). Instead, Google notes that this feature wants to relocate sharing to Google Photos rather than using other apps for it. However, it's still being rolled out.

I find image sharing through Viber and WhatsApp pretty handy when I'm using my phone, so I don't think I'll find Google Photos' new sharing feature too useful.

Google says the new chat/sharing feature is rolling out to users over the next week, so don't fret if you don't see it live yet today.

While trying out the new feature in the TechRadar offices, we found that on mobile it was possible to select multiple images to share in one go, while the web app only allows you to share a single image or video at a time.



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