Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Breaks Her Silence Following Trump Attack

Lisa Page

Lisa Page, the now-famous former FBI lawyer who was outed as an adulterous anti-Donald Trumper during the now-defunct - nothing to see there, go home, folks - Russian Federation collusion-slash-conflict-of-interest investigation into the president, has come forward, finally, to publicly speak.

"But having an opinion and sharing that opinion publicly or privately with another person is squarely within the permissible bounds of the Hatch Act", she said. The report is expected to exonerate Page and other Federal Bureau of Investigation officials of allegations that an anti-Trump bias impacted the opening of the probe.

Also, read @mzhemingway thread on the so-called faked orgasm that Page says spurred her to go public. But she's no Monica Lewinsky. It's the interview with former Federal Bureau of Investigation lawyer Lisa Page, an object of mockery by Donald Trump as he misdirects attention from his deeds to others.

While Page did her best to stay out of the public eye, it was tough because Trump kept bringing up her extramarital affair and the text messages she exchanged with Strzok.

Page is hardly a fresh-faced newbie, naive in the ways of politics, unschooled of the goings-on of Deep State style strategizing.

Trump and Republicans have seized on the texts as proof of political bias.

Now she's striking the innocent pose.

Controversial former FBI lawyer Lisa Page has broken her longstanding silence, giving a lengthy exclusive interview to The Daily Beast about the variety of allegations that have been levelled against her since her acrimonious departure from the Bureau.

"So now I have to deal with the aftermath of having the most wrong thing I've ever done in my life become public", Page said. "It had been very hard not to defend myself, to let the people who hate me control the narrative".

"He's demeaning me and my career", she said.

The president also asked why texts between Strzok and Page were "scrubbed after he left Mueller". "The president of the United States is asking me names to your complete world".

Ms Page spoke of her hurt when Mr Trump, at a Minneapolis, Minnesota, rally in October, performed a mock re-enactment of her texts with Mr Strzok, as though the couple were in the throes of passion.

And now she's coming out, supposedly reluctantly, to defend her honor and good name from that scoundrel in the White House?

The scandal was made worse, Page said, when Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Flores called reporters to "provide a cherry-picked selection of my text messages to review" ahead of then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's testimony to Congress.

"They were talking about impeachment before even Adam Schiff was talking about impeachment", Gowdy said on Fox News, referring to the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, which concluded its impeachment hearings last month.

His interview occurs about a week before the publication of a Justice Department report on how the FBI conducted its investigation into Trump. I THINK the claim of a faked orgasm is a reference to Trump just making fun of the married Peter Strzok and Page carrying on an affair while planning their various anti-Trump efforts. In July, the president asked why Mueller did not investigate Strzok, Page, and a host of other characters involved in the investigation of the Trump campaign. "They lack a lot of context". It's ongoing. It's not a historical event that is being re-lived. "It just keeps happening", she said.

Trump has yet to comment on the Daily Beast interview. And when it happens, it can still sort of upend my day.

"When Lisa Page, the lover of Peter Strzok, talks about being "crushed", and how innocent she is, ask her to read Peter's "Insurance Policy" text, to her, just in case Hillary loses", Trump tweeted Monday while en route to the United Kingdom for this week's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit.

"It's crushing to see the noble Justice Department, my Justice Department, the place I grew up in, feel like it's abandoned its principles of truth and independence", Page said.



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