Facebook Steps Up Systems to Smash Out Competitors

Facebook is Working on Its Own Operating System

The OS is expected to help reduce the company's reliance on Google's Android OS and to be more self-sufficient with its own resources.

"We really want to make sure the next generation has space for us", Andrew "Boz" Bosworth, Facebook's VP of Hardware, said.

Facebook is working on the possibility of building its own software for its AR (Augmented Reality) Glasses. Clearly, Facebook wants to be more than just a social network company, albeit the social network itself will continue to serve as the foundation on everything it plans to do in the long term.

Facebook earlier own mobile phone and the software created but the project failed was.

First reported by The Information, Facebook has apparently tasked Mark Lucovsky, a Microsoft veteran who co-authored the Windows NT operating system, for the new operating system. And we do not think that we can trust the entire market or individual competitors in this.

There is a huge user base that relies on Android OS, and this operating system has grown gradually over the last few years. Facebook's interface was called "a glorified screensaver".

Lucovsky left Google a decade ago, working for VMWare and Mombo Labs before becoming the general manager of operating systems at Occulus VR in 2017. From playing certain games to accessing experiences focused on children to teleport virtually to holiday destinations, there is a lot of lucrative data for Facebook to look at.

We already knew from other reports - now reiterated by The Information - that Facebook is also working on custom chips to run its devices, a move favoured by Apple and, recently, Microsoft.

The sale of Oculus headphones, portal screens and mind readers could never generate the billions in profits that Facebook gets from its efficient ad business.

Also, in 2014, Facebook acquired Oculus, a manufacturer of virtual reality headgear. According to a report by the California Burlingame Facebook 77 thousand's square feet in the new campus is.



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