Evo Morales: Bolivia orders arrest of ex-president Morales

Bolivian Prosecutors Seek to Arrest Evo Morales for ‘Terrorism

The coup government in Bolivia is organizing a military operation that could enter the Tropic of Cochabamba, stronghold of former President Evo Morales.

The interior minister has already vowed to detain the former president, accusing Morales of inciting anti-government protests that, as Murillo claimed, amounted to terrorism.

"After 14 years of our revolution, the & # 39; best gift & # 39; I have received from the de facto government is the unjust, illegal and unconstitutional arrest warrant", Morales tweeted after the order was announced.

Morales was in Mexico at the time, the complaint alleges.

Morales quit following weeks of protests by opposition supporters, over accusations that he committed fraud in the October 20 election - claims that were strengthened by a report by the Organization of American States which found irregularities in the election.

The result was annulled following an Organization of American States audit that found clear evidence of vote rigging. On Nov. 12, opposition senator Jeanine Anez assumed the presidency of the Bolivian Senate, which has allowed her to also proclaim herself interim president of the country.

Since being invested by the army, the Jeanine Anez government in Bolivia has violently cracked down on democracy protests, killing scores of mostly indigenous Morales supporters.

His detractors accused him of corruption and authoritarianism.

Morales said on Tuesday that he would campaign for the presidential candidate of his party in elections expected within the next several months, though a date has not been set.

The Legislative Assembly approved six new judges for the Supreme Electoral Tribunal after negotiations between the opposition and Morales' Movement Toward Socialism party, which dominates the congress.



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