Deliveroo advertisement banned by authorities after receiving 300 complaints

Deliveroo argued the advert was clearly not depicting a real life scenario as the mother disappeared into a 'magic bag'

A Go Compare advert which featured the brand's recognisable male opera singer involved in a auto accident has had the most complaints (336) for trivialising vehicle crashes.

Viewers said the advert made light of the distress fireworks cause to some animals, prompting the company to withdraw it. And what makes it particularly interesting is that it received unusually high numbers for a spot that was misleading, rather than purely provocative.

A TV commercial for the takeaway app Deliveroo has been banned for deceptive prospects.

The advert, which first aired in September 2019, showed a woman receiving an order, before diving into a single bag and distributing meals from various restaurants. After handing out the final delivery, our leading lady dives headfirst into the bag.

According to the official website, ASA told, "Roofoods Ltd t/a Deliveroo, if showing deliveries of food from multiple restaurants, to take care not to misleadingly imply that multiple meals could be delivered in a single order, and not to misleadingly omit material information about delivery charges".

Responding to the latest ban, Deliveroo said the advert clearly stated on screen that "separate orders must be made for each restaurant" and had offered to make this clearer. We considered consumers would not assume that a separate delivery charge applied for each restaurant ordered from.

The Advertising Standards Authority said it might mislead viewers to think they "could order food from different restaurants to be delivered together". Deliveroo said the advert was about emphasising "choice".

In its defense, Deliveroo claimed that the unusual action that unfolds during the ad in the house - including the "magic bag" and endless guests - makes it clear that this is not your typical household.

The company said this modified into illustrated by the "magic score" the mom disappeared into, which "drew on the conventional pulling-a-rabbit-from-a-hat magic trick".

However, the ASA said that the domestic setting of the ad and the reference to "All your family favourites, now on Deliveroo" "strongly implied" people would be able to order together from different services.

"The ad must not be broadcast again in its current form".



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