DC Comics Deletes Recently Shared ‘Batman’ Poster After Facing Outrage In China

DC Comics Deletes Recently Shared ‘Batman’ Poster After Facing Outrage In China

The ad, part of a promotion for DC Comics' "Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child", was yanked from the company's Twitter and Instagram accounts following the backlash.

Lots of the protesters in Hong Kong - who're preventing an extradition-to-China proposal - are college-age or youthful and wore masks throughout the demonstrations.

"Whatever your reason for putting a picture like this in a sensitive time like this, it means you have a death wish", wrote another user.

According to Variety, it was written by one critic on China's Weibo social media service that the black clothes represent Hong Kong, the mask represents Hong Kong and he commented that what else is present that does not represents Hong Kong?

Fans took to the Chinese social media site Weibo, as well as Twitter, to voice their opinions on the image.

And instead of the comments from supporters of China criticizing DC, DC then faced much more criticism from commentators who were outraged that the United States company would so easily censor on behalf of offended Chinese commenters - especially at a time when several companies have been heavily criticized by both customers and Congress for bending the knee to China.

"Is Hong Kong really becoming Gotham City?" But Hong Kong rioters are not Batman.

"Apparently China rules the world now", wrote one individual on the comic book's Instagram account. Still, some Chinese fans said that was not sufficient, since the publisher had allowed the Batman posters to stay up long enough for netizens to download them and had not offered any apologies.

"Why don't they focus on making comics and not getting involved in politics?"

"Really disappointed", user @meigi_elf tweeted on Wednesday at DC Comics.

The similarities were not lost on Chinese citizens.

Disney, video game company Blizzard, and DC's comics rival Marvel, have all come under fire for adjusting works of fiction to fit the tastes of Chinese censors.

USA and Canadian box offices earned a total of $11.9 billion on all films past year, while China alone earned $9 billion, according to the Motion Picture Association of America. The autonomous region has faced nearly six months of intense political unrest due to the growing influence of China. Her comic will be released on December 11th.

ET Canada has contacted DC Comics for a comment.



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