Colts' playoff hopes barely holding on after fourth-quarter meltdown


Adam Vinatieri missed three field goals for Indy (6-6), with two being blocked including the decisive kick that Dane Cruikshank got his hand on.

The aggressive-minded Vrabel said it was the play call of the season by first year offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. Key number two about the Titans receivers.

The Titans now have four games left in the season. Don't let anyone fool you, for the Titans to get to where they ultimately want to go, they had to beat the Colts.

It's safe to assume everyone liked the way the Titans running back finished.

Still, the failure to put points on the board is not Vinatieri's alone. On the Colts' ensuing drive, Jacoby Brissett threw his second interception of the day.

Again, the Colts need to be able to count on their kicker to make at least one of his two field goals from 50 yards away, but they certainly did him no favors by making the task so hard. Predictably, it cost them later.

For awhile, they delivered. The Houston Texans, at 8-4 after a big win over the New England Patriots last night on Sunday Night Football, are in control in the division, while the Titans, with their win over the Colts, are still on the outside looking in as the current No. 7 seed. And three of those points were handed to Tennessee on a silver platter by Brissett. They did force two turnovers and should have forced a third, but the refs continue to be garbage in this league. Tannehill was efficient, completing 17 of 22 passes for 182 yards and two touchdowns. By way of his size, he has also been one of the most hard backs to tackle, and he showcased that mesmerizing blend of size and speed during the third quarter of Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts when he scampered into the end zone.



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