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Rigetti quantum computer

"Amazon Braket is a fully managed AWS service, with security & encryption baked in at each level".

"With quantum engineering starting to make more meaningful progress, customers are asking for ways to experiment with quantum computers and explore the technology's potential", Charlie Bell, AWS' senior vice president of utility computing services, said in a statement.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hoping to bring quantum computing to the cloud world, with the company on Monday lifting the lid off three initiatives at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas.

Quantum computing services will only be located in new data centres in the U.S. for now as they partner with a variety of companies like D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti in bringing these services to the world.

At AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced several new projects including five new artificial intelligence (AI) services created to put machine learning in the hands of more application developers and end users - with no machine learning experience required, and three key initiatives as a part of the company's plans to help advance quantum computing technologies.

AWS wants to bring quantum computing into the cloud. They share a partner in IonQ, but AWS is opting for D-Wave and Rigetti over Azure's Honeywell and QCI. "You can build and test your circuits in a simulated environment and then run them on an actual quantum computer", AWS said. It takes its name from Bra-ket notation, which is commonly used to denote quantum mechanical states.

Quantum computing promises to speed up today's tasks by hundreds of times. "It is a very powerful tool that can solve certain types of problems that are hard or impossible to solve classically". A former establishment is a place for grouping up Quantum Computing researchers and engineers from all over the world to develop this technology. Amazon is also working on designing its own quantum computers. With our Amazon Braket service and Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, we're making it easier for customers to gain experience using quantum computers and to work with experts from AWS and our partners to figure out how they can benefit from the technology.

Of course, quantum computing is a technically demanding field, and so Amazon notes that help is at hand in the form of the Quantum Solutions Lab.

Quantum computing has made some significant advances this year, meaning that Amazon is throwing its hat into an already quite crowded ring.



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