'A attractive spirit': First London Bridge attack victim named as Jack Merritt

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"R.I.P Jack: you were a attractive spirit who always took the side of the underdog".

Mr Merritt, from Cambridge, was a course coordinator for Learning Together, a prisoners' rehabilitation programme which was hosting the conference at Fishmongers' Hall, at the north end of London Bridge.

His father David, also from Cambridge, described his son as "a attractive spirit who always took the side of the underdog" and who believed deeply in the concept of prisoner rehabilitation.

"R.I.P Jack: you were a attractive spirit who always took the side of the underdog".

Floral tributes and photographs of the first victim to be named, Jack Merritt, are pictured close to London Bridge following the November 29 deadly terror incident in London, Britain, December 1, 2019.

Thousands of people have posted tributes to him online, including Mercury Prize-winning rapper Dave, who wrote: "Rest in peace brother". Jack Merritt was the best guy. "I'll never ever forget".

"I am sad beyond words to report that a course co-ordinator, Jack Merritt, was killed, as was a former student not yet named by the Metropolitan Police", said Mr Toope.

Pushed on what action is being taken, Mr Johnson said he did not want to go into the "operational details", but said: "I'm sure people can imagine what we're doing to ensure that 74 other individuals who've been let out early on the basis of this Labour change in legislation, they are being properly invigilated to make sure there is no threat".

Mr Rozenberg described him as "a fine young man, dedicated to improving people's lives".

Khan attended the event reportedly armed with two knives and the fake suicide vest before going on his rampage that left another three people injured.

Audrey Ludwig, who knew Mr Merritt through work, said his "deep commitment to prisoner education and rehabilitation was deeply impressive".

They were part of a gathering at Fishmongers´ Hall near London Bridge to mark the fifth year of the social justice program, officials said.

The terrorist group said that Usman Khan, 28, committed the attack on their behalf, although no evidence was offered up.

Armed police officers on the north side of London Bridge.

However, he was arrested two years later for plotting to blow up the London Stock Exchange, kill then-Mayor Boris Johnson, bomb a series of London pubs, and establish a terror training camp on family land in Kashmir.

A further three people were injured in the melee, one of whom has now been released from hospital according to the NHS.

Police said they were continuing their investigation by searching an address in Stafford and the Stoke areas of central England, with the country's top counter-terrorism officer saying they were not looking for any other suspects.



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