Some US Users Won't See Likes Soon — Instagram

Instagram test of hiding ‘likes’ spreading to US

Instagram plans to test a change that could take remove some of the pressure in social media. IG has already tested this on users across the globe in Japan, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Italy, and New Zealand.

Check out the clip of Mosseri at WIRED25 below and let us know if you're bothered by Instagram's latest removal. The trial run is slated to begin next week according to Mosseri. The change is straightforward - users will still see how many people have "liked" their posts on Instagram, but that information will no longer be made publicly available. This has been a cause for concern for Instagram influencers who make their livings by not only the number of followers they have but by the interaction they receive with how many people like their posts. Do you think Instagram should hide the like counts from posts? He added that Instagram doesn't have any scientific proof that hiding likes will improve mental health. He didn't say how many USA users will be part of the experiment.

"It would be really beneficial", said Kim Kardashian, speaking at the New York Times DealBook conference Wednesday.

The company is testing whether lessening the competition for approval - and the incentive for extreme, click-baity posts - will make for healthier, happier users.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been at the center of debate around issues like smartphone addiction and online health in recent years.

Instagram's parent company Facebook is also reportedly testing this out for users in Australia .



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