Smaller pro-EU parties unveil pact

The Lib-Green-Plaid Remain pact would need massive swings to succeed in their 60 target seats

She said: "During the by-election in Brecon and Radnorshire, we showed what can be achieved when parties put aside their differences and work together".

Heidi Allen, who co-founded Unite to Remain, said: "With a single remain candidate in 60 seats we will return a greater number of remain MPs to parliament." .

"Plaid Cymru will be putting the Welsh national interest first and putting party politics aside to deliver as many MPs from pro-Remain parties as possible in this defining election", Adam Price said. Forty-nine of those seats are in England while 11 are be in Wales.

The survey by YouGov shows Labour falling behind the Liberal Democrats in Scotland, securing just 12% of the vote if an election was held tomorrow - less than half of the figure in 2017. However despite contacting the self-styled Party of Wales more than a week ago no answers have been forthcoming.

In nearby Bury St Edmunds the Lib Dems will stand aside for the Greens to take on health secretary Matt Hancock. "We are going to have a majority Labour government - we don't need any pacts", he told a rally on Thursday.

It will give the Liberal Democrats a clear run in both constituencies in what is described by the party's leader Jo Swinson a "numbers game".

"This is a significant moment for all people who want to support Remain candidates across the country".

BBC Wales has reported under the deal both Plaid and the Lib Dems will contest the Ceredigion seat which both have held in recent years and is now a Plaid seat.

As part of the deal, Plaid Cymru will get a free run in Arfon, Caerphilly, Carmarthen East, Dwyfor Meirionydd, Llanelli, Pontypridd, and Ynys Mon.

On Sunday, Plaid Cymru's Helen Mary Jones AM said she was " with electoral pacts but they were the "right thing to do" for the 12 December general election.

Plaid is also set to step aside in Montgomeryshire which the Lib Dems hope to retake from the Conservatives where Glyn Davies is retiring.

Heidi Allen, a former Conservative MP who joined the Liberal Democrats but then decided against trying to defend her Cambridgeshire seat, said it was the first national electoral pact in Britain since the Liberals and the SDP tried it in the 1980s.Ms Allen, a devout Remainer, said the Lib Dems "know this general election is the last chance to change the path that this country is now on".

Some 40 other seats are also understood to be involved. This forces people to hold their nose and vote "tactically", while parties make deals between themselves on where to stand.



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