Progressive jackpots in slots

Enter the world of progressive jackpots in slots - the only casino game prize that just grows and grows the more you get playing, and the best part, the prize still gets bigger even if you lose!


You can win big on progressive jackpots in slots by winning though, of course. How? Like any game, either come up with a strategy to win, and if you can’t, just hope that lady luck is on your side and simply play the good old fashioned way - to have fun - play now at

What are progressive jackpots in slots?

Progressive jackpot slots are amongst some of the most life changing games out there today that can be played online.


So, the difference between progressive jackpots in slots and the regular slot games is that basically, the latter has usually, if not always, got a fixed jackpot amount.


Whereas, with a progressive jackpot, this total gets bigger and bigger as each player gives the game a go, and essentially ‘feeds’ the jackpot total ready for one lucky winner to take home when the time comes. 

The three types of progressive jackpots in slots

The stand alone progressive slot is one whereby only those amounts put into that game are fed to the jackpot.


Once upon a time, this was the only progressive slot game available to players. But, thankfully, the options available out there have managed to be developed from this.


With these types of progressive jackpots in slots, you can expect to play to win an amount under $10,000. Still a big amount none the less though.


What developed soon after the stand alone jackpot turned out to be local progressives, a natural evolutionary step from those before.


These types of progressive jackpots in slots involve jackpots that are linked in a specific casino, and any range of amounts will be linked, some even into the hundreds, but the average amount depends on the casino.


Jackpot wins from this type of progressive jackpot in slots is a little more than what came before it, and the jackpot prize from these local progressives is within the range of under $1,000,000 and also from under $100,000.


So after this? We have the wide area network progressive jackpots and these are amongst the most popular gaming options out there in the casino industry available today.


With a wide area network jackpot, slots are linked up from various casinos that are all within the same region, and this means that the jackpot total itself can add up to a huge amount of money.


This amount can total over $1 million often times and at other times it can even end up being more than $10 million.


Of course, like much else in life, everything that has ever been has ended up online, and by this it has ended up surpassing its predecessor in popularity.


One of the most popular, if not the most popular, online casino out there today that is famous for their progressive jackpot games is Microgaming, so it might just be worth giving these games a go to see if you’ll be the lucky winner today.



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