Meghan Markle Honors Veterans in Somber Look With Slouchy Black Boots

Meghan Markle Honors Veterans in Somber Look With Slouchy Black Boots

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a special trip Wednesday morning to the weekly meet-up group for those with relatives deployed overseas.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry was dressed in his Household Division ceremonial military regalia. "I have so much respect and admiration for anyone who has to deal with that".

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex opened up about everything from Harry's rumoured feud with Prince William to Meghan's struggle with the constant media scrutiny, and it caused such shockwaves that it has been compared to the explosive Panorama interview with Princess Diana in 1995.

"My daughter Aeris is the same age as Archie and we talked about weaning and the children beginning to crawl - she's just a normal mum and it was like talking to a friend", Ms Thompson said.

"Archie just got two teeth - tiny ones right there", said Meghan who was remarking on one youngster's teeth.

Most of the Coldstream Guards are now deployed on exercise in Kenya whilst numerous Welsh Guards are finishing a long deployment far away in to the Falkland Islands.

The Sussexs surprised military families in Windsor by visiting the Broom Farm Community Centre.

Archie came with his parents on their official tour of southern Africa last month, where he met Archbishop Demond Tutu.

The sweet new video of Meghan and Harry was posted on Instagram this morning has already been viewed more than 100,000 times. So it was an fantastic experience for Molly to shake hands with them.

Helen Llewelyn-Usher, wife of Welsh Guards Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Henry Llewelyn-Usher, said the visit will help families to make new friends.

"A reminder that a life of service does not simply describe the person wearing the uniform, but the entire family".

Capt Lewis said it was "great for the duke and duchess to take the time to truly understand the challenges" the families face.

Meghan and Thomas Markle have been estranged ever since he missed her royal wedding to Harry in May 2018.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were out for the second time this week on Thursday, attending the opening of The Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey in London.



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