London theatre ceiling collapses during play

Section of ceiling collapses

Death of a Salesman was stopped mid-performance last night after a portion of the Piccadilly Theatre ceiling collapsed and injured several audience members.

A lot of folk suffered minor injuries after the incident which came about on Wednesday evening for the length of a efficiency of Demise Of A Salesman in London.

"As the minutes passed, the dripping became more frequent and it sounded like more water was coming through the ceiling, causing a few people to get up and move".

A picture from the scene showed a large hole in the ceiling about three or four metres wide, with wires protruding in the middle of it.

Wendell Pierce - who plays Willy Loman - commented outside the theatre: "I did not mean for it to go like this". We're so honoured that you just bought right here tonight, and so sorry that this sadly has came about. The sound got louder after a few minutes before eventually a section of the ceiling crashed in onto the auditorium.

One theatre-goer said there was "dripping" from the ceiling before it caved in, while another described people running and screaming to get out of the venue. The theatre had been completely evacuated, it was stated in the police notice. A few minor injuries.

The Met police tweeted: "Everyone is out of the theatre". 'Facet road closures in feature.

The ceiling of the Piccadilly Theatre, London, tonight suffered a partial collapse.

A video shared on social media shows the USA actor outside the theatre asking the crowd to come back and see the play another time.

'Motorists informed to spend different routes'.

He then added: "I would like to thank you all for one, safely evacuating".



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