Italy to make climate change study compulsory in schools

Lorenzo Fioramonti poses after an interview with Reuters in Rome Nov. 4 2019

Fioramonti came under fire in September after encouraging schools to permit students to skip school in order to participate in climate protests.

In addition, sustainable development will appear in more traditional subjects, such as geography, maths and physics, Cramarossa said.

"I need to make the Italian training framework the main instruction framework that puts the earth and society at the center of all that we learn in school".

Cramarossa reported a panel of scientific authorities, like Jeffrey D. Sachs, director of Columbia University's Middle for Sustainable Enhancement, and American economic and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin, will enable the ministry redevelop the nationwide curriculum to pay extra notice to weather adjust and sustainability.

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Environmental advocates welcomed the new subject matter, with some caveats.

Fioramonti is from the anti-establishment Five Star Movement and has been an outspoken supporter of green and progressive policies.

He then sparked fury from conservatives when he suggested crucifixes should be removed from Italian classrooms to create a more inclusive environment for non-Christians. Nonetheless, this week the Italian government presented a budget proposal to parliament that included both the plastics and sugary drinks taxes.

"I was ridiculed by everyone and treated like a village idiot, and now a few months later the government is using two of those proposals and it seems to me more and more people are convinced it is the way to go", Fioramonti said. Many proposals by him which were in favor of the climate change were rejected, but now they are being implemented countrywide.

His progressive positions on the economy and the environment are the antithesis of Matteo Salvini's hard-right League, which has overtaken 5-Star to become easily Italy's most popular party, with more than 30% of voter support.

Mr. Fioramonti has also pushed for additional pro-environmental legislation in the government, including increased taxes on plastic and airplane tickets with the tax revenue going to battle climate change problems.

But when President Trump began pulling the United States out of the historic Paris Agreement this week, Fioramonti said that all countries should do their part to stop the "triumphs of the world, quot; and that his ambition was to show children that there was another way".



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