Heavy fighting between Syrian and Turkish troops

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A veteran United States diplomat faulted President Donald Trump's administration in an internal memo for not doing more to prevent Turkey's Syria offensive, which he said has caused "ethnic cleansing", a report said Thursday.

"Whether or not support comes, we will continue to host our guests, but only up to a point", Erdogan said at a news conference alongside Orban.

Turkey, along with Syrian opposition paramilitary organizations, has been conducting an offensive against Kurdish milicias in Syrian territory in the provinces of Aleppo and Hasaka since October 9. "If we open our gates. everyone knows where they would go".

Erdogan held talks with Hungarian nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban-a rare European Union ally-in Budapest where several hundred people demonstrated over Ankara's deadly military offensive in Syria, with placards calling the Turkish leader a "genocidal dictator".

Orban, whose anti-immigration policies have led to clashes with Brussels, reacted to Erdogan's refugee threat by calling the Turkish leader an important strategic partner in security and migration issues.

Turk authorities had said at the beginning of this week that they will demand a visit to the USA on accepting vast genocide of Armenians as mass killing that happened a century ago and on admiring sanctions imposed on Turkey.

With Orban and Erdogan describing each other in public as "dear and good personal friends", it's clear the two strongmen enjoy a close personal relationship.

Orban said Thursday that Hungary would be able to get natural gas from the TurkStream pipeline-which will supply Russian gas to Turkey via the Black Sea-by the end of 2021.

Hungarian officials have said they expect to draw natural gas from Turkey's TurkStream pipeline by the end of 2021 - a key way for the country to diversify transit routes for its energy supplies, which now primarily come from Russian Federation.

It remains unclear whether Turkey will be able to repatriate those who have lost their citizenship. Last week, 13 people were killed in a blast in the town of Tal Abyad, which Turkish troops and opposition fighters they back captured last month. You can sign up to receive it directly here.



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