FCC Officially Approves T-Mobile Sprint Merger

T-Mobile plans to give unlimited free 5G to all first responders if merger is approved

While approved by the Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice, 16 state attorneys general led by NY and California are suing to block the deal over concerns that it is anti-competitive and will lead to higher prices for consumers.

Backers of the deal say combining T-Mobile and Sprint will create a strong number three U.S. wireless carrier behind Verizon and AT&T, with the resources to invest in 5G, or fifth-generation, networks.

T-Mobile also will make a 10-year commitment to provide free 5G service to US municipal organizations such as state and local police, fire, and EMS departments.

The high-speed 5G networks that will support next year's iPhones are slowly becoming more of a reality, with T-Mobile announcing that it's prepared to launch its nationwide 5G network on December 6th.

"While Sprint is not on the brink of financial collapse, there are serious questions about how strong a competitor it can be in the years to come on a standalone basis", Pai said in a statement accompanying the order. Sievert said these moves wouldn't be possible without the Sprint merger and won't go into effect until the deal is approved. "To think that they can turn serving first responders into a marketing ploy, T-Mobile reveals how little they know about what public safety fought for". AT&T already has completed 60% of the FirstNet 4G first responders network. It is dependent on T-Mobile's merger with Sprint, which recently passed a major hurdle by receiving FCC approval on November 5. The carriers would also provide Dish Network with access to 20,000 cell cites and hundreds of retail locations.

Meanwhile, the Boost Mobile to be divested by Sprint and taken up by new owner Dish Network may hurt its 2.5 million customers out of the 9.3 million user base, according to the erstwhile founder of that pre-paid wireless carrier.

"Quite frankly, Sprint isn't going to ask for a renegotiation because it's probably going to be detrimental to them", Synder told the Business Journal. The program, called T-Mobile Connect, while add 500MB of data to the plan each year.

T-Mobile is green-lighting its 5G network in the USA just in time for the holidays. The combined company will have a big advantage in the race to 5G by virtue of this spectrum given that it is ideal for 5G to ride on.



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