Emma Watson says she's very happy being single aka 'self-partnered'

Emma Watson has said she prefers to call herself

Think of it as the "conscious uncoupling" of her generation.

Just a couple of weeks ago, some photographs of Emma Watson kissing a mysterious young man in London who came to ruin the theory that he could have resumed the teenage romance that had always been attributed to him with his cast partner in the "Harry Potter" movies Tom felton, responsible for giving life to Draco Malfoy and with whom he has published several images on Instagram In the last months. She also has become friends with exes.

"I never believed the whole "I'm happy single" spiel", she continued. "I was like, 'This is totally spiel.' It took me a long time, but I'm very happy [being single]. I call it being self-partnered".

Writer Andi Zeisler even pointed out the irony of an accomplished woman being made to feel like a failure if she is 30 and does not have kids.

Watson will be appearing in upcoming movie Little Women, which is scheduled to be released in theatres on Christmas Day. "This is not a big deal, cut to 29, and I'm like, "Oh my God, I feel so stressed and anxious"," said the actress while talking to Vogue.

"I've noticed that all of a sudden You begin to receive a wave of subliminal messages".

Emma added some points on the said societal standards, such as not having to build a home or not having a husband at age 30, and not having a baby when you're already reaching that age of when you should already have one. "There's just this incredible amount of anxiety". The actress was plucked out of a school lineup when she was 9 to play the career-defining role in Warner Bros.' eight-film saga.

"It's so freakish and otherworldly what happened to me", she said, adding that had she not gotten the part, she likely would have still pursued performance in some other way.

Wright said the term "self-partnered" is a wholesale rejection of the present understanding of marriage and its importance in young people's lives.

I could see that she was trying to be understanding, but it was still confusing for her to actually get as to how that could be. "I don't judge anyone that I meet that [I'm her]. but I'm not [Hermione Granger]", she said.

It always strikes me as a little amusing how people tend to equate happiness with having a partner.



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