Disney reaches on deal with Amazon for Disney

Disney+ warns viewers that old movies may have ‘outdated cultural depictions’

The hype has been building around Disney Plus (or Disney+, pick your poison) - Disney's bid to join the ever growing streaming wars - which launches in North America next week. Disney+ is launching in the United States on November 12, followed by Australia and New Zealand.

However, Iger did say that Star Wars will be a major player on the companies upcoming streaming service Disney+.

Disney began testing its streaming service in the Netherlands on September 12 ahead of its launch in the U.S. and Canada on November 12. Disney owns "The Avengers", "Star Wars", "The Simpsons" and "Toy Story", among many other popular franchises. Disney saw smaller revenue gains in its cable and broadcasting operations as well as its theme park division.

On prime of the Disney+ Europe launch dates, Disney CEO Bob Iger has lately revealed that the business has struck a deal with Amazon to stream Disney+ on the FireStick, which will presumably be the principal distribution method in some nations around the world.

The new venture will be called "FX on Hulu", and it launches in March with four original shows.

Although Netflix has featured animation for years, the leading streaming provider of 158 million users is stepping up its anime efforts as new rivals such as Apple, Disney and WarnerMedia's HBO Max roll out their services. Original Apple TV+ shows have so far been met with lukewarm early reviews, but the low subscription price and an offer of year-long memberships free with purchase of the company's devices was expected to encourage viewers to tune in. It suffered a serious setback in its quest to dominate US anime when HBO Max grabbed the coveted USA distribution rights for most of Studio Ghibli anime shows, which are among the most beloved in Japan.

The result of that partnership is "Ultraman", a animated reboot of the classic Japanese show of the silver-suited hero battling giant monsters.



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