Activision Says COD's Battle Pass Is Coming In December

Modern Warfare removes Realism Mode

The new Call of Duty game offers a wide variety of game modes such as deathmatch, domination, and more. The patch also fixed several bugs in the game, added the Hardpoint mode to multiplayer, and gave players two free maps.

"Once idyllic, the rural farmland of Verdansk has been pock-marked with evidence of military conflict, and the scars are visible across this Ground War map designed for battles on a massive scale".

Free Maps and Hardpoint coming to #ModernWarfare. As long as your team is in control and has members standing on the point, your team's score will go up.

Players will be able to buy Premium Battle Pass with the in-game currency named Call of Duty points.

Modern Warfare multiplayer style director Joe Cecot side that eternity Ward is functioning on extra changes and updates to return later.

A new update for a decision of Duty trendy Warfare is now out there. Spectral rendering delivers thermal heat radiation and infrared identification for both thermal and night-vision in-game imaging. In level of reality, it's already become the most productive-selling game of 2019 after handiest a pair weeks on the market. Shoot House is a 3-lane, tight area, 6v6 map located in Urzikstan used as a training facility.The second map is called Krovnik Farmland, and it is meant for Ground War. And, that's just the beginning for Modern Warfare fans. Adjustments to the Operators' battle chatter, footstep audio, and a host of other tweaks to multiplayer should help players feel more confident to move around the maps. In addition, gameplay mechanics, including bullet penetration, gun mounting, door breaching and night vision multiplayer gameplay maps featuring night vision goggles (NVGs), allow for an unbelievable tactical experience.

It's been confirmed earlier that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is ditching the Supply Drops to introduce battle pass system but according to the latest info from Activision, the battle pass will arrive a bit later than initially planned.

With the game being released on PC, many are looking for a cracked version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.



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