A Look at How Starbucks Holiday Cups Have Changed Over the Years

Starbucks offering free reusable cups Thursday: How to get yours

While the four new designs on the paper cuts are super cute, the reusable cup puts a fun spin on the classic red holiday cup.

Alaska Airlines will offer priority boarding at the gate to all passengers holding the Starbucks newly designed holiday cups from Thursday through Sunday, Nov. 10.

Customers can also return the reusable cups for a 50-cent discount on their next holiday beverage, such as the popular Peppermint Mocha drink.

People on social media posted about their early morning coffee run.

In honor of Starbucks red cup day (aka the unofficial start of the holiday season, sorry Thanksgiving!), we're looking back on all of the coffee juggernaut's holiday releases since 2005, including the one year that some believed launched "a war on Christmas".

To develop this year's cups, Starbucks' designers drew inspiration from Christmas movies and songs, as well as previous iterations of the signature vessel. Or, like, drinking this coffee will make you warm inside like the holiday season?

Plus, this year Starbucks is making sure that its cafes look festive. You can then bring the cup back to a participating Starbucks store after 2 p.m. on November 7-Jan.

Polka Dots: "The traditional Starbucks red cup is dotted with green, with the Siren playfully popping in here and there".

Candy Cane Stripes: The colors of the holiday all come together with this design as the Starbucks wordmark falls like snow against stripes of candy cane red and white. According to the company, it has a similar theme to the disposable cups with the words "Merry Coffee" on a red background. Their first ever holiday cup was purple.



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