Windows 10 now lets you make phone calls from your PC

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Furthermore, Your Phone gives users the ability to transfer calls between the PC and handset in a seamless manner, apparently.

Microsoft has begun testing of the much-awaited Your Phone app feature that allows Windows 10 users to make phone calls via their computer. You can also access your recent call history on your PC.

"This feature will gradually roll out to Insiders on 19H1 builds or newer, so it may take a few days to be available inside the Your Phone app", said Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc. This feature arrives with Windows 10 preview build 18999 for Insiders (20H1), which means if you're on the stable version, you'll still have to wait a while before you can try it.

Some Windows 10 users may soon be forced to update their software and not everyone is going to like it. We'd have thought that this was perhaps a typo, and that it should be 19H2 perhaps, except for the mention of the specific build afterwards. "EMS support has been available for all the supported versions of Windows since calendar year 2015 and is being incrementally enforced by the installation of the October 8, 2019 and later monthly updates", Microsoft explains. Among many new features, the latest update has brought in the long-awaited support for voice calls via Your Phone app.

The feature uses a PC's speakers, microphone, and display to conduct Android phone calls the same way one would on their phone. If you have previously paired your devices, unpair your devices and go through the Calls set up flow again.

So this new patch, KB4524147, has just been pushed out to "correct a recent printing issue some users have experienced", except according to widespread reports across the net and Bleeping Computer, it actually breaks printers for other users - and doesn't even solve the existing bugbear.

As always, before installing the build, make sure to check out the known issues before proceeding.

Microsoft said that as this is an early build of the feature, there are now still some problems.

Microsoft fixed an issue where when on battery saver SearchFilterHost.exe might use an unexpectedly high volume of CPU.

We fixed a deadlock in the Network and Sharing Center Control Panel, that could result in it not loading. Another bug fix also allows you to stop recording when capturing a repro video for the Feedback Hub.

Not only this, but the new cumulative update is also causing problems with the Start menu (again) whereby it crashes and won't operate - not until Microsoft's patch is removed.



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