Sanders plans to 'change the nature' of campaign after heart attack

Sanders plans to 'change the nature' of campaign after heart attack

The daughter-in-law of Sen. "Rainè Riggs, we will miss you every day until the day we see your handsome smile..."

Bernie Sanders has told reporters he could slow the pace of his campaign for the presidency after suffering a minor heart attack.

It wasn't until last week that she returned home to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where she learned of her cancer diagnosis, but sadly died just two days later.

"Raine, a truly selfless person, was always heavily involved in working with the homeless, especially homeless veterans".

Riggs was married to Sanders' son Levi and the couple has three children.

Bernie Sanders' daughter-in-law Rainè Riggs, who was married to his son Levi Sanders, sadly passed away on October 5, just two days after she was diagnosed with cancer. Her obituary said she was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer. It also revealed that she was holding her mother's hand at the time of her passing and was being told how loved she was. Riggs' obituary says she met Levi Sanders while the two worked at an emergency food shelter in Vermont. I know it's a tough job, being in Vermont on a handsome fall day, but hey...somebody's got to do it. I do know that we will continue on because we have to.... we promised her we would.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: We'll release them. "It is what she wanted", they added.

Riggs also owned Riggs Geriatric Psychology in Windsor, Vermont, the obituary noted.

Other details about her death are not clear.

"I should have listened to those symptoms", the 78-year-old presidential hopeful said. I must confess, I was dumb.

"We were doing, in some cases, five or six meetings a day, three or four rallies and town meetings and meeting with groups of people. I just got out of the hospital a few hours ago, and I'm feeling so much better", Bernie said in the video, with his arm around Jane. "So, and I should have listened to those symptoms ..." he continued.

"If there's any message that I hope we can get out there, is that I want people to pay attention to their symptoms", Sanders said.



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